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GB Feeding Pail

GB Feeding Pail
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Product Description

GB Feeding Pail
We have replaced the glass quart feeder jar, with the GB Feeding Pail for the following reasons:

1. It can hold up to 5 quarts of syrup. Last spring some of my hives could take in up to 4 quarts of syrup in just a few days.

2. Safer and lighter than glass.

3. Has a handle for easy carrying.

4. Washes up quickly in soapy water; no hard to reach spots. If the bees put propolis in the holes, soak the lid in rubbing alcohol over night and it will be clean without any scrubbing!

GB Feeding Pail 5. Stackable for storage when not being used.

6. Only needs a medium super to enclose it. Only 6.5" tall.

7. Has four times as much feeding area, as the buckets with a screen plug; so more bees can feed at one time.

8. Measuring scale on the side.

9. Transparent so you can easily see when it needs refilling.

Plus all the benefits of the quart jar:

10. You can feed in colder weather than an entrance feeder, because it is at the top of the hive where the warm air is.

11. You do not have to remove the inner cover to fill it and let all the warm air out like the hanging feeders.

12. Easier for a weak hive that needs feeding, to defend the syrup from robber bees.

13. If you are medicating with the syrup, the medication is protected from the sun.